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I got nine lives
27 July 1984
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This journal is rated ADULT, so if you're a kiddie, kindly avert your eyes from the porny posts (which would be, probably all of them). If you are of legal age and relatively sound mind, welcome to my humble (and sex-filled) abode! Here be fics, recs, artses, drunken ramblings, rants, essays, and other random such ventures into the scary world of my brain.

Feel free to friend me if you like reading my smut and random ramblings, and don't hesitate to IM or Y!M me because I adore making new friends! I'm always looking for new plot bunnies, so feel free to deposit one in my head, you never know what might pop out!

The Harry art in my header was done by the lovely and talented froggie , who rocks more than she should be allowed to.

Write. Write what your Muse tells you to write. And if She demands hot boys shagging, then by gods, don't you dare defy her!
-oakthorne , defending me from wankage.

dumbledore's socks are love
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